I have built a boat which can sail
    the roughest sea.
    And this work of my own efforts is
    forever a part of me.
    In fancy I have sailed the ocean to
    the land of my father’s birth,
    And there taken on a skipper to go
    with me to the ends of the earth.

    Edgar W. Gent

So wrote Edgar Gent – an aircraft engineer from New Jersey - of his 34 foot sloop ‘FIRST LOVE’ on completion after a project lasting 37 years.

When he began back in 1929 his dream had been to build a boat that would take him round the world, but the Second World War, then the Korean War kept him in work, until, by 1966 at the age of 82, he was too elderly to embark on such an ambitious voyage, and soon after the launch he sold her.

She was then taken to Mexico where she became a liveaboard for several years, until an American couple who were looking for a boat to take them to the Arctic brought her. Renamed ‘JOLANTA’ her new Czechoslovakian owners lived aboard, sailing across the Atlantic via Greenland, then overwintering in Scotland, until they sailed across the ‘pond’ back to the USA.

After ten years she was then sold to a naval architect looking for a safe ocean going yacht for his family . She was then taken to the Caribbean before sailing back across to the UK where the current owners brought her in Cornwall, as her American owners needed something larger for their increasing family.

Her successive owners have chosen her for her extreme, almost bulletproof strength, seaworthiness and safety. Each have adapted and improved her, and in the present ownership over l7 years, she has been completely restored and upgraded.

She has a recent, excellent survey, and is now looking for new owners who will appreciate her unique qualities, and continue to care for her, as she has been loved and looked after since Edgar Gent first embarked on his dream for a yacht that would sail the oceans of the world.

She has been featured in articles in Classic Boat and Yachting Monthly magazines.