The construction and methods by which Edgar Gent designed and built JOLANTA almost defies belief when you realise this was the work of ONE man, steam bending oak, fastening and casting bronze.

He used an unconventional, but highly advanced technology for the time in order to double the strength/weight ratio of the boat which became the precursor to cold moulding. The result of his construction is a boat that is massively strong.


Despite her deep draught and enormous displacement, JOLANTA has low initial stability, but great ultimate stability, making her extremely safe.

Two ways of sailing her in extreme weather….either reduce sail and ride it out, or put on the biggest sails and push the boat on her ear and she will ‘skip over the waves’.

JOLANTA is not a boat for those wanting to make fast passages, but will get you there comfortably, with a sea kindly motion and will not throw you all over the place.

She has a lot of boat under the water, and her beam is carried straight down to her very slack midship bilges which give her enormous carrying capacity. Similar to the ‘kettle bottomed’ merchant ships of the l8th and l9th centuries, she is designed for long passage making where there is no shortage of storage space.